The impact of a fire is always very devastating. One of the primary benefits of undergoing fire safety training is that you will learn a few fire safety tips. Follow them and you can save lives and minimise damage in case of a fire. Saving lives become easier when necessary measures are in place and effective procedures followed. Few things you can install to minimise fire damages when they occur are fire alarms, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, escape routes and fire routes. If you are willing to ensure your safety, there are a few fire safety rules you can follow.

5 Fire Safety Rules Taught During Fire Safety Training

  • Check The Smoke Alarms

Just installing a few smoke alarms in your property is not sufficient. You need to ensure that they are working correctly. If the alarm in your kitchen doesn’t alert you even after the bacon has burned, it is an indication that you have to install a new smoke alarm. Their primary objective is to use visual and audio signalisation to warn people about a possible fire and save lives. Check them every week instead of removing the batteries just because you think that you won’t require them.

  • Quit Cigarettes

Whether you are willing to keep your residential or commercial property safe, make sure you ban indoor smoking. You will be surprised to know that careless smoking is one of the leading causes of fire deaths. Leaving burning cigarettes unattended is a strict no-no! Don’t smoke if there is gas, aerosol cans, newspapers, paints or other flammable object around. Such fire accidents can occur anytime and the easiest way to prevent them is by completely removing the risks.

  • Avoid Burning Candles

Even if you are one of those people who love burning candles and incense, avoid lighting them in your room if you want to prevent fire hazards. Though scented candles help students unwind and chill out, they are often banned from campus accommodations by the hostel authority. Reed diffusers and battery candles are always considered to be a safer alternative. They even last longer than traditional candles and help you save money.

  • Know The Safety Equipment

People undergoing fire safety training in Norfolk are taught how to use fire blankets, fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. Whether you have them in your home or office, remember where you are keeping them and how to use them. Every second matters in case of a fire. Even if you have a tight budget, buy a small fire extinguisher and you can have more peace of mind.

  • Switch Off Phone Chargers

Not everyone using smartphones are aware of the fact that fires caused due to phone chargers is gradually enhancing. Don’t forget to switch off the charger after it has charged completely. If you are planning to replace them, buy official replacements. They are manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards and are safe.

These being said, it’s time you follow the fire safety tips stated above and undergo relevant fire safety training to keep yourself and your family members safe.