Do you know training your employees in workplace health and safety is essential? Well, on average, over 250 workers are killed in workplace incidents in the UK every year. Furthermore, 1.2 million people get no-fatally injured in workplace accidents. Most of these incidents occur since workers don’t know how to handle such situations correctly. Ensuring your employees undergo health and safety training in Norfolk is thus important.

When it comes to health and safety training, the size of your company doesn’t matter as health and safety hazards are everywhere. It is crucial and a prerequisite by most governments throughout the world that workers receive health and safety training. No matter which industry you belong to, health and safety training is beneficial both to the company and its employees. Moreover, health and safety training can keep the company running at the highest standards.
Here’s everything you need to know about undergoing this comprehensive training.

Why Is Health And Safety Training In Norfolk Important At Workplace?

Training sessions let you identify the skills which your team may be lacking and then develop them to meet the company’s needs. This will ultimately give your team the skill set to get jobs done quickly, safely and very efficiently.

Good productivity is the primary element of a successful business. Employees that feel safe and comfortable in their work environment possess higher productivity levels. This represents the necessity of having correct safety procedures. If your employees have adequate health and safety training, it means that they will be very confident and prepared in case of emergencies.

Health And Safety Training – Essential For Industries

In industries like fire safety and construction, undergoing health and safety training is required by law. For others, even though it’s not a legal obligation, it’s always highly recommended and urged. The employee must understand how to take the right precautions in response to the hazards. Also, this will help keep the risks under control. Although you cannot eradicate accidents completely, you can help in reducing and preventing

Benefits Of Undergoing Health And Safety Training

1. Employee Retention

One of the greatest benefits of ensuring your staff receives health and safety training in Norfolk is employee retention. According to a new survey, almost 40% of employees leave a company in the very first year itself, if they don’t receive ample training. When they receive health and safety training along with skill upgrades which can benefit their career, they are more likely to stay in the company.

2. Saves Money

An organisation whose employees know how to protect themselves against workplace accidents will have lower insurance premiums. Since this training satisfies the insurance company, the risk of accidents happening is negligible. So, it’s unlikely that you will make any claims. When accidents occur at work, the costs of covering any compensation, fines and legal fees are very high.

3. Recruitment

Prospective employees often look at the employee benefits package before deciding to apply for a job or accepting a job offer. Therefore, having adequate staff training and good opportunities like health and safety training courses can be a very encouraging factor. Companies which have good employee benefits often attract the best candidates, leading to better and more efficient staff for your business.

Time to undergo health and safety training courses!