One must prioritise health and safety over everything else. Today, workplaces have become extremely stringent about the kind of environment that they offer to their employees. Proper health and safety training in Norfolk organisations has emerged as an essential indicator of how the company wants to treat its workforce. 

Most people have a common question when it comes to health and safety training. Is it necessary at all? Although most people tend to view it as a waste of time and money, such training can be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. Let us see all that there is to know about such training programmes.

It is illegal not to conduct regular health and safety training programmes

The law binds every organisation to take their share of responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of its workers. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act introduced in 1974, there are several regulations related to the work conditions fit for a person to work and the role of an organisation in protecting its employees against harmful consequences. As a result, it is mandatory for every organisation to educate its employees. If proper health and safety training is not conducted, a company may be liable to pay fines for flouting the law.

Every workplace poses some threat

It is essential to understand that no workplace is free of hazards and risks. Even if you work in a corporate set up on the sixtieth floor of a building, you are at as much chance of being bodily harmed by a simple slip or trip as a worker employed in a construction project. Every workplace comes with its unique kind of risk. So, employees have to be prepared to combat all types of health and safety issues via accurate training modules.

It helps the company in more than one way

Every organisation has the chance to reap benefits from well-conducted health and safety training. Having a well-planned, systematic and detailed health and training module for the employees ensures:

  • The efficiency of employees is enhanced
  • Increase in the retention of employees due to a safe work environment
  • Boost in employee morale
  • Better company image and brand value
  • Reduces long-term costs incurred

Hence, it is evident why health and safety training in Norfolk, as well as other areas, is essential for the organisation as well as its employees. MJ Training is the market leader in providing health and safety training for all kinds of industries. With years of expertise in their arsenal, MJ Training specialises in imparting personalised health and safety training courses for professionals.